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Why You Should Get A Mold Inspection Before Buying A House

Are you looking to purchase a house soon? When you’re going through the home buying process, don’t forget to ask about a mold inspection! There are many reasons why it’s a good idea to get one before investing so much money in a home.

1. Protects Your Families Health

Mold can cause a series of health problems, especially in young children, pets, elderly, and those already living with respiratory conditions like asthma and allergies. Living with mold can be toxic to you and your families health. Not to mention, it can also greatly impact your air quality. To ensure you don’t have a costly mold issue on your hands, it’s a good idea to request a mold inspection prior to putting money down on that home you’ve been eyeing! You never know what’s lurking behind the scenes.

2. They’re Quick and Easy

Usually mold inspections are fairly quick and easy, which is a good thing when you’re buying a house and time is of the essence. Because it is so painless to schedule and have done, why not get one – even if just for your own peace of mind? Mold inspections, when done right, should also be completely non-invasive so you – and the current homeowner – don’t have to worry about that impacting the sale of the house.

3. Identifies Potential Future Problems

Even if mold isn’t an issue now, a mold inspection can help determine if you might need to worry about future problems. Your inspector should be able to pinpoint areas of increased condensation, where you may find mold at some point during your homeownership. This is a good thing to know before putting money down on the house you’re looking to buy. If you find that condensation is a big problem, you may even want to ask the current homeowner to correct the issue before you purchase the house. Mold breeds in moist environments, so condensation is never a good sign.

4. You Can Remove The Mold Quickly

If a home has a serious mold problem, you may want to think twice before purchasing it. However, sometimes, the mold issue is easy to fix and remove. Knowing you have a mold problem right away can help you address it and get it fixed before you move in. That’s when a mold remediation specialist comes in handy!

5. Protects Your Investment

Buying a home is a big investment. In fact, it’s one of the biggest investments you will probably ever make! When you purchase a home that has a serious mold contamination problem, you will face major financial risks. Removing mold, especially if severe enough, can be costly. Not only that, but mold that is left unaddressed for a long time can eventually impact the structure of your home. The last thing you need to deal with is structural damage, which is another huge financial risk. Having a mold inspection is a great way to protect your investment whether you decide to go through with the sale or not.

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