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Prevent Mold Growth on Your Halloween Pumpkin

by Resto Pros on October 16, 2020

Carving a pumpkin for Halloween takes a bit of time and patience. A lot of people get frustrated when their new work of art begins to grow mold – often before the big night! This can be especially difficult for those who live in areas that can be humid in the early fall. Dallas/Ft. Worth […]

How to Remove Mold From Shower Caulk or Tile Grout

by Resto Pros on September 25, 2020

Mold flourishes in damp spaces and can grow and flourish both inside the home and out. The professionals at RestoPros consistently work to remove mold in restrooms, kitchens, pantries, storm cellars, and even carports – so we have the best tips to help remove mold from shower caulk or tile grout. How Does Mold Grow […]

Mold on Your Indoor Plants: Can It Make You Sick?

by Resto Pros on September 18, 2020

Not all outbreaks of mold inside your house are accidental. Some are brought into the house, taken care of, and watered –  flourishing directly in front of you. This can often happen to houseplants as well as the fertilized soil where they develop. Mold thrives anywhere there is food and dampness in addition to a […]

At-Home Mold Kits vs Professional Mold Testing

Mold Testing: At Home Kits vs Professional Testing

by Resto Pros on August 28, 2020

Home mold testing kits use “settle plate applications.” You set the dish out, generally 24 to 48 hours, with the expectation that any airborne mold spores will settle into the dish. Sadly, false negatives and false positives are common with home mold tests. Additionally, regardless of whether the test finds you have mold, it doesn’t […]

Should You Paint Over Mold

Should You Paint Over Mold?

by Resto Pros on August 14, 2020

Painting over mold is one of the most common techniques to hide mold. The problem is, “hiding” mold is not eradicating it. Numerous homeowners try this path since it is the speediest way to remove unsightly mold and mold damage from walls and ceilings. But the reality is that mold can live and even thrive […]

How to Prevent Crawl Space Mold

How to Prevent Crawl Space Mold

by Resto Pros on July 31, 2020

Crawl spaces are prone to mold outbreak because of the significant levels of dampness in these dark, humid areas of the home. The most common reasons for dampness include water leaks, damaged walls and insufficient ventilation. To eradicate a mold infestation in a crawl space, you need to control the dampness and moistness levels. Here’s […]

Water Stains on Your Ceiling | 4 Signs You May Need Water Damage Restoration

by Resto Pros on July 17, 2020

You may think a water leak or a busted pipe would be anything but difficult to identify and obviously something you’d notice immediately. In reality, some of the indications of water damage are covered up – behind your walls, under your flooring, or even on the outside of your home. Regardless of whether the leak began an […]

Natural Remedies for Mold Allergies

Natural Remedies for Mold Allergies

by Resto Pros on June 26, 2020

Mold is fairly easy to spot in common spaces, and usually, where there’s water damage, there’s also mold. However, mold can also hide inside the walls, in the attic, and places that aren’t immediately accessible. Even still they can have a big impact on your day-to-day life, specifically when it comes to your health. Your […]

History of Mold

The History of Mold (Mold Exposure and Increased Regulations)

by Resto Pros on June 19, 2020

The first case of mold dates back to 1837, where it was sampled from wallpaper in a house in Prague. It wasn’t until the early 1900s, however, that people started to monitor the health effects of mold. Every year, we’re learning new things to mold, thanks to researchers. We’re learning about all the ways it […]

pet has been exposed to mold

4 Signs Your Pet Has Been Exposed to Mold

by Resto Pros on June 12, 2020

When you became a pet owner, you probably had no idea how much you’d come to love your little fur baby, but now? It’s like your house wouldn’t be a home without them. That’s why you do everything you can to make sure they’re healthy, like buy them the best food, take them to the […]

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