RestoPros Has the Answers to Your Mold Removal Questions


Q: How soon can we get started?
A: If the contamination is under 25 sq. ft., we can start immediately. If over 25 sq. ft., state notification requires a five business day waiting period before we can start.

Q: How long does the process take?
A: If the contamination is under 25 sq. ft., the mold remediation can take as little as one day. If over 25 sq. ft., we use the following guidelines:

  • State notification requires a five-business-day waiting period before we can start.
  • Preparation, which includes containment, can start before the five-day waiting period, but no demolition can be performed until the sixth day after notification was filed.
  • Demolition and sanitizing can be completed in one to two days in many cases.
  • After remediation work is completed, the air scrubber must run 24 to 48 hours before clearance testing can be performed.
  • Clearance samples can be collected in one day.
  • Test results are available in one to three days depending on whether you pay to have them rushed.

So in all, 1-2 days if the mold is under 25 sq. ft.; 5-7 days or more after the 5-day waiting period if the mold is over 25 sq. ft.

Q: Does the air scrubber need to stay on during the entire process?
A: Yes, the scrubber must remain on until turned off by the Mold Assessment Consultant or a remediation professional.

Q: Can we stay in the building or house during the remediation?
A: Most likely. Depending on where the mold was discovered and what areas will need to be contained for remediation. If we must block the kitchen, bathrooms, or turn off the HVAC system for a prolonged period, it might be advisable to make other arrangements during remediation.

Q: Is there anything I need to do to prepare?
A: We typically only ask that you remove any valuables, family heirlooms, firearms, etc. from the area before we begin. We also recommend that you remove anything that will be needed during the remediation (e.g. important files, toiletries, clothing, etc.) from the areas that will be included in the remediation. Once containment is set up, only individuals licensed by the state can enter.

Our licensed remediation workers will take care of everything else.
If you have any other questions, or would like additional information, please contact RestoPros at or call (855) 58-RESTO (855-587-3786).