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The Dangers Of Mold Exposure For Pets

There are several dangers of mold exposure for pets. Mold in your home isn’t only harmful to humans, but it can also be harmful to your  four-legged friend. The symptoms vary from animal to animal and can range in severity. Because mold thrives in dark, moist areas, it’s not always obvious you have a mold issue. Alas, your pet is more likely to come across it before you are since they spend more time in those areas. It’s important to know the symptoms to watch out for in the event there is mold growing in your home.

Has Your Pet Been Exposed To Mold?

If only pets could tell you what they’re really feeling, right? Unfortunately, they can’t – but thankfully there are signs! Your pet may have the following symptoms if they’ve been exposed to mold.

  • Respiratory Issues: Such as constant sneezing, coughing, runny nose and watery eyes
  • Bleeding: From the mouth or nose
  • Fatigue: Excessive tiredness or lethargy
  • Excessive Scratching and Itching: Leading to fur loss
  • Sores or Rash

In severe cases if your pet has a toxic reaction to mold, they may even experience:

  • Gastrointestinal Issues
  • Lack of Appetite
  • Vomiting
  • Shaking or Tremors
  • Neurological Issues: Could include loss of function or odd, abnormal behavior
  • Death: If not treated immediately

I Think My Pet Has Been Exposed To Mold…Now What?

If you’ve discovered your pet not acting like their usual self, you’re probably feeling a great sense of panic and stress. Take them to the vet as soon as you notice these symptoms. They’ll be able to treat your animal friend with the utmost care and get them back to their usual, happy-go-lucky self in no time.

How to Keep My Pet Safe From Mold In The Future

The last thing any fur parent wants to deal with is a sick animal. Luckily, there are preventative measures you can take to keep them safe from mold in the future. Some of these tips include:

  • Keep your pet away from moldy food and environments
  • Notice mold? Address it as soon as possible
  • Store your pets food in a sealed container to keep out any moisture
  • Buy pet beds and toys that can be washed in hot water
  • Use allergy-fighting shampoos
  • If your pet appears to be sick, remove them from the contaminated area and take them to the vet immediately

I’ve Got My Pet Covered…But Now What Do I Do About All This Mold?

Contrary to popular belief, mold can’t effectively be removed with a strong brush and dish soap, paint, or even bleach. To ensure you don’t have excessive levels of mold in your home, you should hire a team of professionals; someone who has extensive experience in removing mold in a safe and controlled way – like your friends at RestoPros!

Contact The Mold Remediation Specialists at RestoPros

If you’re currently dealing with a moldy situation, RestoPros is here to help! You can trust our team of trained and highly-skilled professionals to not only contain the mold, but also remove the mold entirely. We will take steps to ensure it doesn’t rear its ugly head again. Don’t wait to address the problem, contact us right away.