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5 Tips to Avoid Garage Mold

by Resto Pros on April 6, 2018

Mold is always looking for a place to grow, and your garage may be its potential new home. Garages are usually dark and warm, which are two of the three required conditions for mold growth. The last requirement is humidity, which is unfortunate as garages tend to also be exposed to outdoor weather conditions. Since we’re in storm season, chances of garage mold are higher than ever for Dallas/Ft. Worth homeowners.

If you want to avoid garage mold, you’ll need to take some advice from the mold-removal experts at RestoPros. Here are 5 tips for preventing garage mold!

  1. 1. Dry Items Before Storing in Your Garage

Garages are the usual storage for all your tools, cleaning supplies, and seasonal items. When you use any item from your garage, you’ll want to dry it completely before placing them back. Items such as umbrellas, mops, and bikes tend to get soaked after use. If you place them back in the garage while they are wet, you’re giving mold the chance to grow.

Wipe down any wet item with a towel before placing them in the garage. If possible, let items air dry to completely remove moisture. For metal items such as tools, wipe them down thoroughly if they are wet, but do not air dry them. A mix of oxygen and water can cause metals such as iron to rust. On the contrary, most bikes are made with aluminum, which does not rust, so you can air dry them. However, avoid doing this if they are made with steel.

  1. 2. Remove and Replace Cardboard in Your Garage

Cardboard soaks water like a sponge. If you are using cardboard boxes for storage in your garage, you are at risk of garage mold. Once water has soaked carboard, it will remain soggy and fragile for a long period of time. This can lead to mold growth, and possibly even ruin the contents inside the cardboard box.

Instead, switch to using plastic totes. Plastic containers are much more resilient to water than cardboard, as well as being easier to clean. They protect your items much better as well.

If you have no other choice than to use carboard, then keep the boxes above ground as much as possible. Avoid stacking boxes and ensure their area is kept dry.

  1. 3. Seal Your Garage Door

Your garage door offers little protection against weather conditions. Water can seep through the bottom, sides, and top of the garage door. To combat this, you’ll need to conceal these openings with seals and weather-strips.

Garage seals and weather-strips are available at almost any department store. You can find variants that go along the bottom of the garage door, as well as the floor of the garage itself. Seals and weather-strips can also be placed along the sides to further prevent water leaks.

  1. 4. Maintain Humidity Levels in Your Garage

Humidity is the missing piece that gives mold the chance to grow in your garage. To combat humidity, a dehumidifier is recommended. Dehumidifiers reduce humidity levels within their nearby area. You can run one during or after every rain occurrence. Doing so will help prevent moisture from soaking the garage walls and ceiling. This will also help prevent any fragile items such as books being damaged by moisture.

  1. 5. Remove Standing Water in Your Garage

Whether it’s a spilled drink or a parked dripping car, a puddle of water can form in your garage. As soon as it happens, you’ll want to remove all the standing water, as well as dry up any wet spots along the garage floor.

Most garage floors tend to be a higher level than the driveway. This gives you the ability to flush out standing water with relative ease. Using a squeegee, push out as much water as you can. After which, use a dry mop along with paper towels to soak up any leftover moisture. Once cleaning has finished, use a dehumidifier to ensure moisture has been eliminated.

Garage mold should be avoided at all costs, but don’t avoid contacting a mold professional if your garage has been infested with mold. RestoPros provides the mold remediation services that can restore your garage, or any part of your home, back to a safe condition. Call us at 855-587-3786 to schedule an appointment with Dallas/Ft. Worth’s leading mold removal experts.