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Fighting Winter Mold

by Resto Pros on January 4, 2018

With the cold weather in full force, winter is wreaking havoc lately in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Although the chilly season keeps households busy, don’t let mold prevention be forgotten. Winter means increased indoor condensation, increased humidity and cloudy days, all of which are ideal for mold growth. This means homeowners should be extra cautious in older homes, where uneven insulation and foundation cracks can compound these winter issues. The professionals at RestoPros want to help keep homeowners free from a mold infestation during the coldest months of the year, so we’ve come up with some basic tips for fighting winter mold.

Keep Rooms Well-Lit When Humid

  • Mold seeks dark areas to grow and reproduce.
  • Avoid giving winter mold a home by keeping humid rooms well-lit until dry.
  • Consider placing lamps around darker areas of the room to help eliminate too much shade.
  • Keep affected rooms well-lit until moisture has been completely removed.

Utilize a Dehumidifier

  • Mold requires moisture to survive, and will actively search for it in your home.
  • Fight off the winter moisture by using a dehumidifier to reduce humidity levels in your home.
  • A dehumidifier removes moisture and offers a dryer climate, which halts mold growth.
  • Dehumidifiers also help to remove water stains and moisture in hard-to-reach areas such as ceilings and crevices.
  • Rooms that have little ventilation require a dehumidifier to give adequate moisture removal.

Utilize a Ceiling Fan

  • Using the ceiling fan in the Winter may not seem like the best idea at first, but it’s added benefit of reverse spinning helps fight the winter mold.
  • Set your ceiling fan to reverse, as this takes warm air and forces it back down – for even distribution throughout the room.
  • Warm air is better circulated in a reverse ceiling fan, and this helps prevent mold by removing moisture.
  • Beyond mold prevention, a reverse ceiling fan also works well to distribute heat, meaning you can save money on your heating system.

Clean Your Home Regularly

  • With winter adding humidity and condensation, expect to find more reasons to clean your home regularly.
  • Be careful not to track mud when walking inside, and clean any shoes before stepping on carpet.
  • Use a vinegar-water solution mixed with baking soda to clean any dirty walls, counters, or crevices.
  • Vacuum your floors regularly, and remove dust from furniture.
  • When cleaning your home, have mold cleaners handy in case you stumble across any signs of mold.

Fighting winter mold means being smart about the early warning signs. Condensation on windows, humid air and cracks in the walls and ceiling are all precursors to mold growth. If you are currently beyond the warning signs – and experiencing any form of mold in your home, contact RestoPros immediately. We strive to keep Dallas/Ft. Worth homeowners safe and mold-free. Give us a call at 855-587-3786 to schedule an appointment and ensure this winter season is mold-free.