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What is Air Scrubbing?

by Resto Pros on January 26, 2018

Ever wonder how a RestoPros expert cleans mold? It’s not just wiping away floors with some vinegar and water. Professional mold remediation involves several different methods and high tech tools, and one of the most viable steps is the air scrubbing process. By air scrubbing, we don’t mean grabbing a sponge and flailing it in the air! Knowledge of air scrubbing is crucial for any Dallas/Ft. Worth homeowner.

Air scrubbing is the process of removing several contaminants from the air within a general vicinity. Essentially, unclean air is filtered many times, removing bacteria, particles, chemicals, and other contaminants. After filtering, this newly cleaned air is redistributed through the original area. Mold professionals rely on this process to fully perform mold remediation services, guaranteeing you’ll never see mold again.

How is air scrubbing accomplished? As we mentioned, it takes a bit more power than just a sponge. Instead, the job is performed by devices known as air scrubbers.

What are Air Scrubbers?

An air scrubber is a heavy-duty, portable device that passes air through a filtration system to “scrub” it clean and redistribute back to its original area. Filtration systems may have air passed through several times to ensure contaminants are completely removed. Every mold professional has air scrubbers ready for remediation. Air scrubbers also come in smaller sizes for more personal use, but their larger counterparts are used almost exclusively by mold remediation experts. Furthermore, air scrubbers can differ in their range, filter ability, and energy usage. Air scrubbers are an essential tool for mold remediation, but do you need to have one in your home?

When Should you get Air Scrubbing?

Anytime contaminants are airborne, air scrubbing should be performed. Mold, pollen, and dust are common causes of polluted air, and lead to health risks if left untreated. Worse, these contaminants can work in conjunction, meaning your indoor air quality is decreased heavily. Before air scrubbing, you must restore and fully eliminate the causes of polluted air. Contaminants such as mold growth are persistent, and finding and removing mold is a downhill battle without the help of a professional. After a restoration job, you must have air scrubbing performed. During a restoration job, the pollutants are removed from the area, but still left in the air, in which most times air scrubbing will commence. As a rule, you should always perform air scrubbing when mold is present, and after any restoration job.

Knowledge of air scrubbing is essential in the case of unsuspecting pollution or mold growth. If you are experiencing mold growth, contact RestoPros immediately. We are your trusted mold removal experts, dedicated to helping any Dallas/Ft. Worth homeowner keep their home safe and healthy. Our mold remediation services coupled with air scrubbing guarantees your home never takes another sick day. Give us a call at 855-587-3786 to schedule an appointment and meet the experts you can depend on!