4 Signs You May Need Water Damage Restoration (& Mold Remediation)
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Water Stains on Your Ceiling | 4 Signs You May Need Water Damage Restoration

by Resto Pros on July 17, 2020

Signs You May Need Water Damage Restoration

You may think a water leak or a busted pipe would be anything but difficult to identify and obviously something you’d notice immediately. In reality, some of the indications of water damage are covered up – behind your walls, under your flooring, or even on the outside of your home. Regardless of whether the leak began an hour ago – or a month ago, there are various ways to fix the corresponding water damage with a reputable restoration company. What is most important in the equation is finding the source of the leak – a factor any responsible company would mention first. Here are 4 signs you may need water damage restoration (and probably, mold remediation):

What Does Water Damage Look Like?

It can take on various colors, textures, and even odors, depending upon the area and the level of damage. For example, roof water damage is generally simpler to spot than water damage in a storm cellar since you will see stains and staining on a roof; however, you may not realize that a strong odor can be an indication that there is an issue in the lower level of your home. Become familiar with these warnings so you can recognize a current issue and ensure that future problems are dealt with quickly.

1.    Buildup of Water

The clearest sign that you have water damage on your hands (or that damage is inevitable) is areas of standing or pooling water. This can result from old or damaged appliances including washers, water heaters, and toilets. A puddle could also be the result of a leaking roof or from the seepage of underground plumbing – if the water buildup is in your yard.

2.    Discoloration

With ceiling water damage, search for water spots or stains. The discolored area may seem wet or dry and might be a yellow, gray, or reddish color. Walls may have bubbling, splitting, or peeling paint – as well as similar staining found on ceilings.

3.    Smooth to Warped Texture

While a floor surface can also show staining like ceilings and walls do, the primary indication of water damage on floors is evident by changes on the surface. This is a consequence of water saturating wood floorboards, laminate, linoleum and other materials and areas directly underneath them.

4.    Musty Smell

Odors brought about by mold and mildew could involve a water damage issue. The smell may originate from storm cellars, inside walls, or different levels where water has been collecting for some time. Certain drywall materials can act like a sponge and become loaded with dampness – especially in areas where there is low airflow. This is the ideal condition for mold creation, which will in the end bring about staining (generally dark spots) and a string, unpleasant odor.

What to Do If You Have Water Damage?

In the event that your home has water damage or if you suspect you may have an issue, RestoPros is here to help. Contact into our office today and schedule an assessment. Our restoration professional will find the source and offer a variety of options for control and remediation. RestoPros works with all major insurance agencies and we can assist you with all aspects of the accident. Call 855-587-3786 to speak with a professional today!