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The Best Indoor Plants for Mold Prevention

by Resto Pros on May 22, 2020

Best Indoor Plants

Nothing livens up your indoor space more than getting some houseplants—and actually keeping them alive. That’s why you’re on the prowl for the best houseplants right now: You want to know which ones will look great, offer the best indoor air quality, and stay alive with minimal effort on your part. But did you know that plants can even prevent mold? Yes, it’s not just that they keep your indoor space looking and feeling fresh. They truly, in reality help your home to be fresh too. Here are the best indoor plants for mold prevention.


English Ivy


Just get out of this plant’s way, and it’ll thrive. This is the plant that you see crawling up the sides of buildings, paving a way for itself. Not only is English Ivy easy to care for and lusciously green, it also removes mold from your home. You read that right: It doesn’t just prevent mold, but it actually works to purify the space so that mold feels unwelcome and then leaves. Pun intended.


Peace Lily


Despite what its name may suggest, this plant will fight for your right to breathe clean air. It takes toxins like trichloroethylene, benzene, toluene, and xylene out of your home. It has rich, rippling green leaves that spring up like flowers. Unlike the other plants on this list, this one will require a bit more maintenance.


Palm Plants


A wide variety of plants are considered “palm” plants, including Lady Palm, Reed Palm, Areca Palm, and Dwarf Date Palm. These plants are known for being low maintenance and for keeping allergens in your home at a minimum. Mold could be causing your eyes to itch, twitch, and water. Try leaving the watering to your plants!


Snake Plant


Why do these plants have such scary names? No, you won’t attract snakes by bringing this plant into your home. It’s so-named because its long leaves have an irregular color that looks vaguely like snakeskin. The snake plant filters out most of the same toxins as the Peace Lily but also knocks out formaldehyde. It might not be as traditionally pretty as the other, but the snake plant has a number of unparalleled benefits.



What to Do If You Already Have Mold: Call RestoPros


You started this search for the best indoor plants because you wanted to freshen up your living space, but could it be that you needed to spruce the place up because you have mold? It’s possible that you have mold without even realizing it, especially if you’re experiencing indoor allergy symptoms and there’s a musty smell in your home that you’re trying to mask with greenery. If you suspect you already have mold in your home, then call the leading mold remediation specialists at RestoPros. You should never try removing mold on your own, as the process can put you in long-lasting danger. Let us come take care of it for you. We’re trained to treat the infected spot and remove mold from your home as carefully and safely as possible.