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5 Signs you Have a Mold Problem

by Resto Pros on May 10, 2018

A mold problem in your home is bad, but an undetected mold problem is even worse. Mold infestations don’t always stand out. Mold can be hidden at first, but once it becomes visible it may have already become very severe. This is especially true when mold grows in unexpected areas. It’s important to discover mold growth even if you can’t see it. But how exactly do you do that?

Fortunately, there are certain signs to look out for. The mold removal experts at RestoPros are here to advise Dallas/Ft. Worth homeowners on how to identify the common signs you have a mold problem.

1. Random Stains Appearing in Your Home

If mold is already in your home, its next objective is to reproduce. If given enough time, mold will begin to produce spores that travel to find a new habitat. Mold requires an environment that is dark, warm, and humid to grow. If mold spores manage to find an environment to suit these conditions, new traces of mold will begin to grow.

What this results in is random stains appearing in your home. Mold growth spreads rapidly and will stain any suitable surface, especially porous materials such as drywall. The frequency and location of these stains are random, as the spores will travel until they find a suitable location. If you notice random, dark or brown colored stains appearing randomly on wood, drywall, or cloth, your home may be infested with mold!

2. Increased Allergy Symptoms in Your Home

If you find yourself sneezing, coughing, or having a headache more often, it can be one of the signs you a mold problem. Mold produces allergens, which are substances that cause allergy symptoms. These allergens can contaminate your home’s air, and lead to various symptoms. These symptoms can increase in severity for those with weaker immune systems as well. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms in your home with no visible explanation, the cause may be mold.

3. Musky, Pungent Smells Coming from Your Home

Mold never got the personal hygiene memo, because it smells bad. Mold can produce a musky, pungent smell throughout your home, which can be a sign of a mold problem.  The scent of mold is best compared to the odor of decayed wood or dirty socks. If you notice this smell from several areas of your home, it is recommended you test for mold.

4. Water Damage in Your Home

When there is water in your home, there might be a mold problem. When water enters your home, whether it be from a leak, puddle of water, or past flooding, it will begin to soak and damage any nearby surfaces. Items such as wood, cloth, and drywall are especially vulnerable to water damage. Water damage then leads to mold growth, as the moisture gives mold a suitable habitat.

5. High Humidity/Moisture in Your Home

If your home’s humidity is above normal levels, it’s best to check your house for mold. High humidity and moisture levels are how mold thrives. Humidity also brings warmer temperatures, another requirement for mold growth. Causes of humidity can be poor ventilation, exposed attics and crawlspaces, and past flooding among other things.

Don’t let a mold problem go undetected – follow these signs to help protect your Dallas/Ft. Worth home. And if you have discovered mold in your home, or would like mold testing done, contact RestoPros today. We offer mold remediation and mold testing services with affordable quality. Contact us at 855-587-3786 for immediate assistance.