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Should You Paint Over Mold?

by Resto Pros on August 14, 2020

Should You Paint Over Mold

Painting over mold is one of the most common techniques to hide mold. The problem is, “hiding” mold is not eradicating it. Numerous homeowners try this path since it is the speediest way to remove unsightly mold and mold damage from walls and ceilings. But the reality is that mold can live and even thrive beneath paint. If the root cause of mold is not taken care of – and completely contained, hiding it with a new coat of paint is not going to stop it. Even in the short-term. Should you paint over mold? You probably already know the answer, but let’s consider the topic further:

Indications of Paint Over Mold

If you painted over an area of mold, there are several problems that could emerge fairly quickly. The mold underneath the paint will continue to grow, manifesting odd changes on the  surface.  Here are some signs that mold is living underneath your paint:

The paint begins, to bubble, chip and split. This can also be an indication of humidity, but mold will also contribute a dark color behind the surface problems.

White or light colored paint has turned yellow or taken on a yellow tint.

Wall or ceiling paint displays uneven areas. Unlike a water leak, mold underneath paint will take on the paint texture whereas water will simply discolor or form a dark ring around an area.

Paint over mold doesn’t fix or cover the issue. In the event that you think there is mold underneath your paint (through one of the signs referenced above), act now before the situation gets worse.

Legitimate Remediation

You should appropriately dispose of mold on any surface before painting. There is no exemption. Neighborhood hardware and paint stores do sell mold killing or “mold-resistant” paint. A few brands even tout that you can paint over the mold – and that this will not only kill the mold, but keep it from coming back. The reality is that if the underlying cause of the mold (a leak, humidity, etc.) is not dealt with appropriately, the mold will continue to grow. These paint products are also not always effective in covering up the areas in question.

It is always best to have a professional look into a mold problem and eradicate the cause – so that the mold can be stopped, contained and then properly cleaned away.

Legal Ramifications

If you are leasing or renting property and suspect that your property owner has decided to cover up mold as opposed to appropriately remediating it, you have the option to request legitimate repairs. Your health and wellbeing is in jeopardy. If you are a property owner, you address and mold concerns immediately with professional remediation. While it might seem like an easy option to paint over a mold problem – it could be costly down the road, especially if tenants get sick because of it.

If you suspect that there’s mold underneath or your paint contact the professionals at RestoPros. Call 855-587-3786 to set up an appointment today!

If you suspect that there’s mold in your home, call RestoPros right away!