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Prevent Mold Growth on Your Halloween Pumpkin

by Resto Pros on October 16, 2020

Prevent Mold Growth on Your Halloween Pumpkin

Carving a pumpkin for Halloween takes a bit of time and patience. A lot of people get frustrated when their new work of art begins to grow mold – often before the big night! This can be especially difficult for those who live in areas that can be humid in the early fall. Dallas/Ft. Worth residents know this problem first hand! Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to keep your jack-o-lantern smiling and free from mold for Halloween and beyond.

The professionals at RestoPros have compiled a short list of the best techniques for keeping those gourds fresh:


Blend 1 teaspoon bleach for every gallon of water to make enough liquid to dunk the pumpkin into. You’ll need a tank or large bucket and a decent amount of bleach/water, depending upon the size of the pumpkin.

The bleach is antimicrobial, and that water will hydrate the skin of the pumpkin like a cream would on human skin.

Remove the pumpkin from the bleach solution and wipe off with paper towels or wipes. After the pumpkin dries it is safe to place on your doorstep. The bleach solution will not only keep mold from developing – it will also make the pumpkin unattractive to squirrels and other animals that might be interested in eating it.

Pumpkin Preservative

Buy a pumpkin preservative. Pumpkin preservatives, similar to Pumpkin Fresh, are available online and at Halloween paty stores. Pumpkin preservatives may contain water, sodium tetraborate decahydrate (borax), and additionally sodium benzoate (an additive and fungicide). They work similarly to fungicides.

Wash the pumpkin or dunk it into a bucket with the preservative. Washing the pumpkin with the preservative might be easier. Pumpkin preservatives help the pumpkin resist mold for as long as 14 days.


Find some silica gel packets. Silica is used as a desiccant, meaning that it wicks away moisture. What makes your pumpkin begin to decay and mold? An overabundance of moisture. Silica packets are easy to find online – and just a few of them inside your jack-o-lantern can keep the inside dry for several days.

Be mindful not leave the packets around your house if you have pets. While the gel inside is non-toxic, it can make pets sick.

Be Cool

Another tip for keeping your jack-o-lantern mold-free is keeping it cool. If the weather is especially humid, your jack-o-lantern will grow mold pretty quickly. If you set your pumpkin outside so that you can light it up at night – consider only bringing out to the porch for a few hours every evening. This tip is also good for people who don’t want to use anything on the pumpkin that might hurt squirrels or other animals.

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