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Mold Testing: At Home Kits vs Professional Testing

by Resto Pros on August 28, 2020

At-Home Mold Kits vs Professional Mold Testing

Home mold testing kits use “settle plate applications.” You set the dish out, generally 24 to 48 hours, with the expectation that any airborne mold spores will settle into the dish. Sadly, false negatives and false positives are common with home mold tests. Additionally, regardless of whether the test finds you have mold, it doesn’t distinguish the sort of mold, and whether it is harmful or not. To uncover this significant data, you need to send the dish of gathered samples back to the company for more testing – at an extra expense.

At-Home Mold Kits vs Professional Mold Testing

When the results return a great percentage of the time they are inconclusive. Rather than reporting you have black mold or that you need mold remediation, it will, for instance, give the common term, “Stachybotrys.” Its dependent upon the homeowner to discover what specific kind of mold this is and whether mold removal or remediation is needed.

Where Is the Mold?

Some of the time you can see mold developing. As a rule, you can’t. It’s taking cover behind your walls, in your ceiling, or under your carpet. Home test kits don’t reveal to you where it is, so unless you are already aware of a specific area of infestation, a hidden mold problem will continue to get worse.

CMI’s Tool Kit

A Certified Mold Inspector (CMI) can deliver exact information concerning household mold. The inspectors test for mold with high tech instruments, including infra-red hardware, borescopes (to see difficult to reach areas), moisture meters, and hygrometers (to quantify moisture content).

ProfessionalMold Testing

If you believe there is mold in your home, It’s critical to use a professional in the field. A CMI’s assessment will:

  • Find where and why moisture is entering your property.
  • Conduct air observation, air inspection and mass investigation to collect and verify the airborne mold in the home.
  • Send all examples to autonomous research facilities licensed by the American Industrial Hygiene Association.
  • Identify the affected areas and measure the amount and the types of mold present.
  • Determine whether the health of your household is in danger – and if professional mold remediation is needed.

If it is determined that mold removal or mold remediation is required, when it is finished, the CMI will come back to your home to retest for mold. This is the best way to make certain all of the mold in your home has been eradicated.

Call RestoPros today to have your home professionally tested for mold.

 Why Choose RestoPros?

At RestoPros, we strive to bring the best mold removal services in North Dallas. We work as long as it takes to get the job completed, and right, to ensure your household remains healthy and comfortable. We also work with your insurance company to keep your out-of-pocket expenses to a minimum. There is no mold problem too big or too small. Get in touch with us in the DFW Metroplex today at 855-587-3786 for a free estimate!