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8 Best Mold Prevention Products for Your Home

by Resto Pros on February 22, 2018

Preventing mold growth in your home is more of a holistic endeavor and not something that can be achieved by simply cleaning an outbreak with paper towels and soap. Although you may seemingly wipe away the area to prevent initial mold growth, spores can still thrive and begin ravaging your home. Instead of using up all your soap, consider these mold prevention products for your Dallas/Ft. Worth home. The experts at RestoPros recommend having these products on standby, as using a combination of these products during your spring cleaning can prevent mold from ruining your home, as well as attack any present growth.

Home Air Purifier

Cost: $60-900

As their name suggests, air purifiers clean the air, removing contaminants and mold spores by passing them through a HEPA filter. Air purifiers work well to prevent mold growth by keeping airborne spores from finding a suitable environment in your home. They are best placed in bathrooms and kitchens, as well as near the corners, doors, and furniture of other rooms. Available in portable and whole-home sizes, air purifiers kill spores and halt mold growth.

Home Dehumidifier

Cost: $30-300

A dehumidifier reduces humidity levels within a nearby area and removes unforeseen moisture build-up in your home. Mold requires a dark, warm, and humid habitat to grow and reproduce, and a dehumidifier prevents this habitat by removing moisture. Dehumidifiers run quietly and without interrupting your daily activities and are available in different sizes to accommodate each room of your home.


Cost: $1-20

Also known as sodium tetraborate, borax is an odorless mineral that is used as a natural pesticide and a household cleaner, as well as being a prominent mold killer. Relatively cheap to purchase and found at almost any supermarket, borax provides the compounds to protect areas from mold growth, as well as killing existing mold. Borax can be found in laundry detergents, stain removers, and other cleaning products, and can also be purchased by itself. Combining borax with other soaps during mopping and cleaning adds a protective layer against mold growth in your home.

Baking Soda

Cost: $.75-10

Baking soda is a staple in most homes, but do you know of its mold prevention properties? Baking soda provides the means to both kill and prevent mold growth in your home without being harmful to kids or pets. Baking soda also acts as a deodorizer, eliminating foul odors within a nearby area. As a rule, you should keep an open box of baking soda in your fridge and consider mixing a tablespoon of baking soda in a spray bottle with water to act as a quick mold killer.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Cost: $1-4

Much like baking soda, hydrogen peroxide is a multi-use tool, possessing both medicinal and cleaning properties. As an effective alternative to bleach, hydrogen peroxide actively kills mold and works well as a prevention agent. One essential benefit of hydrogen peroxide is its ability to thoroughly clean porous surfaces, something bleach cannot do. Use hydrogen peroxide to clean porous surfaces such as drywall and prevent mold from residing in these vulnerable areas.

White Vinegar

Cost: $2-25

White vinegar is a deadly foe against mold, being able to kill over 80% of all mold species. Much like hydrogen peroxide, white vinegar can clean porous surfaces such as drywall and prevents mold from forming in your home. Simply combining white vinegar with baking soda, water, and soap will offer an extensively beneficial cleaning agent that coats your home with mold-protection properties.

Drain Snakes

Cost: $6-25

A common cause of mold growth is from water damage, often coming from your plumbing. Clogged pipes have a chance to burst, causing leakage and eventually mold growth. A drain snake works to unclog your plumbing and stops build-up from bursting your pipes. When cleaning bathrooms and the kitchen, slide a drain snake down your sink to remove build-up and prevent mold growth.

Lemon Juice

Cost: $2-10

Besides making lemonade, lemon juice also is a strong mold killer! The high amount of citric acid prevents mold from sticking to covered surfaces and provides a natural scent to kill foul odors.

Using these prevention products will help keep your home mold-free. However, If your home is already dealing with an outbreak, contact RestoPros immediately. Our mold remediation services will remove any mold in your Dallas/Ft. Worth home, and our professionals will guide you on preventing mold growth for years to come.  Give us a call at 855-587-3786 to schedule an appointment and get started.