September is Baby Safety Month. In order to protect your child, no matter their age, make sure you’re giving them a mold-proof home. Here are some tips to securing a mold-proof home for your children.

1. Keep Bathroom and Bath Toys Free Of Mold

Your bathroom is a hotspot for mold. Make sure to buy mold-resistant bath toys, keep the area dry (after they’re done splashing away, of course), and keep the bathroom well-ventilated. By doing these things, you can help keep your bathroom and bath toys free of mold.

2. Prevent Mold In Sippy Cups and Bottles

Sippy cups, teethers, and bottles are all prone to getting wet. Make sure to inspect your child’s frequently used items that are prone to getting wet and growing mold. The best way to prevent mold from growing is to regularly clean these items and set them out to dry fully before putting them back together.

3. Wash Their Clothes Right Away

Babies sure can be messy! Whether they spill something on themselves, or drool, their clothes need to be washed more frequently than most. To be careful about mold, you should plan to wash your baby’s wet and dirty clothes right away – and make sure you are removing them from the washer within 24-48 hours.

4. Clean Their Toys Regularly

Babies sure do love to slobber and drool! Know when it is time to clean their toys – or throw them out. Depending on the material, you can place a lot of toys in boiling hot water and/or clean them with soap and water. You should throw away other toys, such as stuffed animals, after a while. It’s a good idea to regularly inspect their toys for any signs of mold and take the necessary action to prevent that mold from coming into contact with your baby.

5. Keep Their Room Well-Ventilated

Keep their room – and your entire house for that matter – well ventilated so there is proper airflow. You can even use a dehumidifier or AC if the bedroom is prone to moisture. Bedrooms are not an uncommon place to spot mold. Especially if your baby is up and running around with bottles full of liquid, you just never know when that liquid may end up behind a dresser or shelf, or on your carpeting. That being said, not only should you make sure their room is well-ventilated, but also make sure you’re keeping an eye on any wet spots you may notice in their rooms.

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