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Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Give Him the Essential Mold Cleaning Kit

by Resto Pros on June 8, 2018

father's day gift ideas

In need of some Father’s Day gift ideas? How about gifting dad with a mold cleaning kit! While the gift may seem a bit unusual at first, the benefits of a mold cleaning kit outweigh the stigma. When mold occurs in a home, it’s important to have some tools that can help get rid of it. And with a mold cleaning kit, you can help prepare your dad in the case of an infestation. But what items encompass a mold cleaning kit?

RestoPros would like to help Dallas/Ft. Worth homeowners in keeping a clean home. For those in need of Father’s Day gift ideas, here are our steps for building an essential mold cleaning kit!

Protective Gear

When dealing with mold, it is important you remember safety. Mold is a fungus and can contain various allergens and bacteria that should not be inhaled. And these contaminants grow in number the larger the infestation. Therefore, it’s important to have protective gear in the case of mold growth.

Generally, it’s best to have disposable gloves, face mask, and goggles when dealing with small amounts of mold. Adding long sleeve shirts, closed jeans, and work boots provides formidable defense against smaller stains. However, we do not recommend relying on this gear for larger instances of mold growth. Instead, you’ll need to contact RestoPros for professional mold remediation.

Choice of Mold-Cleaner

When it comes to killing mold, you have several choices of weaponry. While commercial mold products do clean away mold to an extent, you’re also at risk of polluting your air with VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that are found in the chemicals. Instead, we recommended using more harmless, natural cleaners. We have listed a few below:

  • Vinegar
  • Lemon Juice (Store this in the fridge to avoid spoiling)
  • Borax
  • Hydrogen Peroxide

For more information about these mold cleaners, click here.

Baking Soda

Aside from mold cleaners, it’s also important to have a deodorizer in your dad’s mold cleaning kit. Mold can have a pungent, musky smell which can linger. After removing a mold stain, it’s recommended to sprinkle the area with baking soda, and giving the surface a quick wipe. This helps to remove the smell of mold without filling the area with chemicals, as baking soda is a natural deodorizer.

Spray Bottles

Most mold cleaners should be diluted with water and placed in a spray bottle. Not only does this increase your cleaner’s supply by minimizing usage – it also prevents more acidic cleaners from possibly ruining the affected surface. It’s best to keep a few spray bottles in the mold cleaning kit, in case one of them stops working.

Brush, Sponge, and Cloth

It’s recommended to have different cleaning tools for different surfaces. Areas such as paint-coated drywall are fragile and can be damaged by brushes with thick or rigid bristles. While more durable areas, such as concrete, won’t be cleaned as well with a simple cloth. Therefore, it’s important to have the appropriate tools for both fragile and durable surfaces. We recommend adding a thick brush, sponge, and cloth in your dad’s mold cleaning kit.

Treat your dad with the gift of an essential mold cleaning kit this Father’s Day! But be sure not to solely rely on this kit if an infestation has gotten out of hand. If mold growth is in your home, do not hesitate contacting RestoPros for further consultation. Contact us at 855-587-3786 for Dallas/Ft. Worth’s leading mold remediation services.