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6 Common Leak Causes

by Resto Pros on April 19, 2018

Leaks in your home are one of the worst – and most annoying things that can happen. Leaks are known to potentially cause water damage and even mold growth. What makes leaks especially troublesome are their many causes. Water can leak from your roof, plumbing, or even under your home.

We all know leaks are a horrible experience for Dallas/Ft. Worth homeowners. But do you know how leaks can happen? To help prevent leaks your home, you’ll want to be aware of the common causes. The experts at RestoPros have assembled a list below!

Clogged Drains

When a drain has no clear passage for water to exit through, pressure will continually build up. Eventually, the water pressure can cause a pipe to start dripping. Although dripping may seem like a small nuisance at first, the problem will only get worse if not resolved. With enough pressure, the pipe can eventually burst, spraying water everywhere.

Drains are most commonly clogged by build-ups of grease, soap, food, and even hair. Worse, a clogged drain can cause a pipe to have multiple leaks. This increases chances of water damage and possibly mold growth.

For information on helping to treat clogged drains, click here.

Clogged Downspout/Gutter

Much like a drain, your gutters and downspout are a main exit for water, but they collect rainwater instead of tap. Also, like a drain, they can become clogged if not maintained. A clogged gutter can be overfilled with water and possibly leak into your attic. Same problem can apply to a downspout. A clogged downspout disallows water from draining out your roof, further increasing the chance of leakage.

Leaves, dirt, and trash are known to build-up in your gutters and downspout. Fortunately, with a ladder, you can clear out a clogged gutter with a water hose and your hands – provided you wear gloves! You can also use a water hose to flush out your downspout.

For more information on protecting and cleaning your gutters and downspout, along with other rain leakage protection, click here.

Overfilled Dishwasher

Although it may seem like you’re maximizing water usage at first, stuffing your dishwasher can actually be disastrous. If a dishwasher is overfilled, the drain or valve may not seal properly. This can cause water to overflow and not have anywhere to go, except your floor!

Using dish soap instead of dishwashing liquid is not beneficial either. Dish soap is extremely foamy. The immense amount of bubbles produced can also overfill your dishwasher, potentially causing it to leak. Only use soap intended for the dishwasher!

Loose Washer Hoses

Generally, when you have your washing machine installed, two hoses are connected: drain and fill. As their name suggests, theses hoses are responsible for filling and draining the water in your washing machine. If they are not connected properly or damaged, water can leak during a wash cycle.

Damaged Piping

Piping is how water is transported throughout your home, and leaks are bound to happen. Water pressure can damage piping. High water pressure can loosen the connection of piping, which can cause dripping. If this pressure isn’t resolved, a pipe could eventually burst, spraying water everywhere!

Additionally, loose corner connections on pipes can also drip water. This can happen under sinks, as piping tends to be folded with several corners when below a faucet.

Another way piping can be damaged is by tree roots. Trees or vegetation with invasive roots can puncture underground water leaks, causing a leak. If you are wanting to plant new trees, purchase species without invasive roots.

Improper Toilet Water Levels

Toilet water is horrid, especially when it leaks! Unfortunately, improper water levels in the bowl and tank can cause water to overflow. Certain factors can cause this.

The common cause of a leaking toilet is when the flapper fails to seal the valve. Water can no longer be held in the tank and flows into the bowl. Flushing a clogged toilet can also cause leakage, as this is another way the tank will overfill the bowl.

By knowing these common leak causes, you can help to avoid them for your Dallas/Ft. Worth home. However, if a leak has already caused water damage in your home, you’ll need to contact RestoPros immediately. We help to remediate water damage while also helping to ensure no mold has grown in your home. Call 855-587-3786 for affordable water damage remediation and mold testing services.

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