cleaning tips to prevent mold

The areas of your home with the most moisture are the areas in which you’ll have to worry about mold. Here are the main areas that mold will grow in your home:

  • Your kitchen sink
  • Your refrigerator
  • Your bathtub
  • Your bathroom sink

Other areas of your home that might attract mold are your carpet, in the event of a poorly cleaned-up spill, or any area of your home that has suffered water damage from a leak.

You can’t prevent accidents, but you can use these 6 cleaning tips to prevent mold in your  home:

1. Run your bathroom fan

When you shower, moisture builds up on every surface in your bathroom. To help reduce the amount of moisture in the space, run your bathroom fan during your shower and for a few minutes afterward. You can always listen to music while you shower if the bathroom fan noise bothers you!

2. Squeegee water off shower walls

Remove water build-up from the walls of your shower and the shower door (if applicable) with a squeegee. Not only will this prevent mold and mildew from forming in your shower, but it will also reduce the appearance of unattractive water lines.

3. Store shower items on racks

Storing items like shampoo bottles or loofas on the surface of your bathtub or on the shelves can allow water to pool underneath them, creating a little pocket in which mold can grow. Instead, store your items on shower racks so that the water can drip-dry off the items after each use. You can find racks like these online or at most any supermarket.

4. Keep your sponges clean

The item to most likely attract mold in your kitchen is your sponge. Think about it: It’s just sitting there, damp from washing dishes, on the edge of the sink, stewing in old, dirty water. Sanitize your sponge with a disinfectant solution and position it so that it dries, rather than stores water. Also, be sure to replace your sponges frequently.

5. Clean out your refrigerator regularly

The most common cause of mold in your refrigerator is food that stays in one spot over time. The food itself can go bad and mold, but also, as the food decays, it can release moisture, which can build up in your refrigerator and cause mold. Further, containers may leak sauces and other liquids, which can cause mold and mildew as well. Be proactive by reviewing your refrigerator weekly, throwing out old items and wiping down surfaces.

6. Blot spills on carpets

If a drink spills on the carpet, don’t try to wipe up the puddle. Instead, take a wash rag or paper towel and blot at the spill, pressing into the padding of the carpet as you do so. Wiping at the spill not only spreads stains around, but it also doesn’t reach the moisture in the padding. If the spill is left unattended or is attended to poorly, it could seep past the padding, and mold could grow beneath it.

If it’s too late for these cleaning tips to prevent mold, call the experts at RestoPros for mold removal and remediation today. Dial the number at the top of your screen or complete the “Schedule Service” form fill to have one of our friendly representatives reach out.