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Can Mold Show Up in My Car?

by Resto Pros on September 27, 2019

can mold show up in my car

If you are a regular reader of this blog, then you know that mold can be found in all sorts of places. Sinks, showers, washing machines, refrigerators, even filing cabinets. However, you might not have heard of mold showing up in your car. Mold is a fungus that needs moisture to grow and spread. If it comes across the ideal damp and humid environment, it will end up growing there, even if it is in less common mold-growth area such as your car. So, to answer the question, “can mold show up in my car?”— yes, it can! Keep reading to learn the RestoPros experts’ list of reasons for car mold and easy ways to prevent it!

Reasons for Mold Growth in Your Car

  • Groceries that you put in your car, whether in the backseat or trunk, might tip over and spill. The same could occur with liquids such as coffee or juices. If ignored or cleaned haphazardly, mold can grow in the interior of your car. 
  • If you leave your car window open and it happens to rain, water might soak the interior of your car, leading to moisture build up and eventually, mold growth.
  • Your car’s AC is a place where mold can grow. Your car’s AC sucks in warm and humid outdoor heat and absorbs the moisture and heat from it to produce cool air. This can lead to moisture accumulating in your AC, specifically it’s evaporator core. If the core comes across pollen, mold spores and debris, it can become the perfect place for mold growth.

How to Tell If Your Car Has a Mold Problem

The most obvious sign of mold growth in your car is bad odors and musty smells coming from the interior of your car. Also, if you turn your AC on and you are greeted with a new and awful smell, you might have to get your car inspected for mold growth as your AC might be dealing with a mold problem.

How to Prevent Mold Growth in Your Car

While mold growth in your car is frustrating to deal with, it is also easily preventable. Here are some effective car mold prevention tips:

  • Frequently Clean Your Car

Take some time every weekend to declutter your car. Then every month or so, vacuum the interior, upholstery and carpets in your car, to ensure mold spores, pollen and other allergens and toxins have not found their way into your car. In addition, change your car’s cabin air filter to prevent a clogged, malfunctioning car AC system.

  • Prevent Excess Moisture

One way to do this is by frequently avoiding eating and drinking in your car. If you happen to spill something such as juice, coffee or any kind of food, be sure to clean and dry the area properly to avoid moisture build up.

If you are predicting a particularly humid environment caused by heavy rain or storms, sprinkle some baking soda on the carpet of your car. The baking soda will soak up the moisture from your carpet in addition to removing odors.

  • Routine Maintenance

Just like any machine or appliance in your home, your car needs routine maintenance and inspections as well. Whether you are frequently inspecting your car yourself or getting it inspected by a professional, you will save yourself from roadside inconveniences in the long run as well as ensure your car’s value is up.

Prevent Mold with RestoPros!

If you have any questions about preventing and/or removing mold anywhere in your home, from the most common places to the most unusual places, the experts at RestoPros will be sure to provide answers. Get in touch with us by calling 855-587-3786 or by filling out a service request form on our website!