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How to Tell If You Have Mold

Uh-Oh, What’s That Smell? How to Tell If You Have Mold

by Resto Pros on January 25, 2019

We all know the ins and outs of our homes like the backs of our hands. Or, at least we think we do. Unfortunately, when it comes to mold, you won’t always know right away that it’s there, plaguing you and your family. Because of the dangers mold poses, it’s crucial to address its presence […]

How to Keep Food from Spoiling

by Resto Pros on January 17, 2019

Food spoilage: it happens to everyone, and it can be complete mood killer, especially if you were hoping to impress friends and family with your from-scratch guacamole. Few things are more frustrating than reaching for an item in your refrigerator only to find that it’s inedible. While it’s impossible to preserve foods indefinitely, there are […]

How to Remove & Prevent Mold Growth from Houseplants

by Resto Pros on January 10, 2019

There’s no denying that houseplants add undeniable appeal to any room. With virtually endless choices at your fingertips, you can add any plant to a room and instantly enhance its overall look. And, as a bonus, you can simultaneously improve your indoor air quality too. While houseplants are relatively easy to care for, one side […]

Ways to Prevent Food from Spoiling

by Resto Pros on January 3, 2019

We’ve all done it, you come home from the grocery store and blindly toss everything in your fridge without rhyme or reason. Expired food and containers are pushed back or obscured by the new groceries, some of which have already expired. Some will expire soon – and simply won’t be seen in enough time to […]

The Facts About Raw Sewage in Your Home

by Resto Pros on December 27, 2018

Your home’s sewage system is probably not something that remains top of mind in the day to day. In fact, most homeowners would rather not think about it at all. But what happens when you are confronted with raw sewage in your home or yard? The devastating repercussions should be enough incentive for you to […]

myths about mold

5 Myths About Mold in Your Home

by Resto Pros on December 21, 2018

No one wants to see mold growing in their home. Mold is unsightly. It can damage your foundation, and it can wreak havoc on the health of your household. But for all the negative effects of mold, there are several exaggerated and even completely false beliefs that should be pointed out. The professionals at RestoPros, […]

Benefits of a Humidifier This Winter

by RestoPros on December 14, 2018

Humidifiers can have many benefits for you and your home in the fall and winter. The trick is finding the right balance of humidity. Dry air can trigger allergies, cold, flu, and snoring, so we recommend a humidifier to fight those and other ailments and effects on your home. Too much humidity can lead to […]

The Science of Mold

The Science of Mold

by Resto Pros on December 6, 2018

People often talk about mold, but they usually do so in very general terms. It’s one of those things that you know of but don’t really know anything about. You may even be able to spot mold when you see it, but determining which kind and whether it’s dangerous or not is harder. Usually, these […]

How to Clean a Blood Stain

by Resto Pros on November 29, 2018

You’ve checked online and in all the mail circulars. You know who has the television you want and at the price you want to pay. But there’s a problem: the store only has one left in stock, and you know there will be a hundred people waiting outside for the store to open, hoping to […]

Common Mold vs Black Mold

Common Mold vs Black Mold

by Resto Pros on November 21, 2018

The irritation in back of your throat has gotten worse. You also bought some eye drops, because your eyes have been red and itchy lately. It was a wet October here in Dallas this year. You’ve even had some water damage in the house, but it was minor – or so you think. You pull […]