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Benefits of Choosing a Mold Remediation Professional

by Resto Pros on October 25, 2019

benefits of choosing a mold remediation professional

The negative impacts of mold can be worrying and like many homeowners, you might be inclined to test for mold and remove it on your own. While that decision might seem financially feasible and convenient in the moment, you should reconsider. DIY mold testing kits aren’t always reliable, and neither is DIY mold removal. In addition, there are laws that require a licensed professional handle the process of mold removal. We understand if you’re not fully on board with the idea of a professional—to convince you, the RestoPros team has prepared a list of the benefits of choosing a mold remediation professional.

1. Professional Mold Assessment

If you think you have a mold problem because you smell a musty scent, have excess humidity or major leaks, it is best to contact a professional to inspect for mold. As we mentioned earlier, DIY mold testing is unreliable and unhelpful. According to Consumer Reports, mold test kits that can be found at home improvement stores have had major problems. While mold removal is incredibly important, it’s also important to have a trustworthy and safe method of testing for mold. With a mold remediation company, you will get professionals using their knowledge, experience and proper equipment to test for mold in your home. There will be lesser room for any mishaps.

2. Detailed Process of Removal

Following the assessment and testing, there will be a detailed and thorough process of removal. If you choose RestoPros, here is what the mold removal process will look like:

  • Initial Testing

A licensed mold assessment consultant will come to your home to perform an inspection and take any air quality samples. Based on what they discover, they will write instructions on how to remove the mold.

  • Removal

We will set up containment around your home to prevent mold spores from spreading to unaffected parts of your home. Then, any affected porous parts such as drywall, carpeting and insulation will be removed – and non-porous parts, such as tiles, will be disinfected.

  • Air Scrubbing

We will use our air scrubbers (tools used to filter the air and remove bacteria from it) for 24 hours inside the containment area.

  • Clearance Test

A professional mold removal consultant will ensure your home’s air quality is healthier. After about 72 hours, the consultant will issue clearance and sign a Certificate of Mold Damage Remediation.

3. Certified Expertise and Knowledge

If you’ve been following our blogs for a while, you’re most likely an informed homeowner who knows a lot about mold. However, licensed professionals bring certified expertise to the table and knowledge of, not just mold, but the best methods and tools to remove and prevent it. In addition, professionals will completely sanitize, deodorize and purify the air to ensure healthy air quality, following any mold removal services. They are also informed about insurance options and can even help you file a claim with your insurance company to cover any damage.

Choose RestoPros for Mold Removal Services!

If you are looking for a mold remediation company to test your home for mold, perform mold removal services or water damage restoration, look no further than the professionals at RestoPros! Call us today at 855-587-3786 or fill out a service request form online!