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4 Bathroom Mold Prevention Tips

by Resto Pros on May 18, 2018

Are you aware that mold can grow in your bathroom? With bathrooms being the place for moisture build-up and humid climates, they can fall victim to mold much easier than other areas of your home. And once mold begins to grow in your bathroom, it’s hard to remove it without the help of a professional.

Because bathrooms are more vulnerable to mold, it’s helpful to practice some bathroom mold prevention tips. Below are some ideas provided by the experts at RestoPros for your Dallas/Ft. Worth home!

  1. 1. Clean Your Bathroom After a Bath/Shower

After a bath or shower, excessive moisture can build up in your bathroom. This excessive moisture can lead to mold growth, as the humidity paired with warm temperatures and little sunlight provides the perfect habitat for mold spores to reproduce. So, you’ll need to give your bathroom a quick clean after every bath or shower. Follow these tips below:

  • Wipe your shower nozzle and bath faucet after every use.
  • Clean and dry your shower items and bathroom contents after every use (e.g. shampoo, sponges, shavers, etc.)
  • If your bathroom floor is wet, dry it using a towel.
  • Check inside your bathroom cabinets for any moisture or soaked wood. Dry using a cloth if needed.
  1. 2. Utilize Your Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Bathrooms have their own way of preventing mold: an exhaust fan. Bathroom exhaust fans allow humid air and moisture to ventilate out of your bathroom. They are used to prevent water damage, poor IAQ (indoor air quality), and mold growth. Exhaust fans are usually controlled by a switch next to your bathroom’s light switch.

Every time you notice moisture on the walls or mirrors of your bathroom, run your exhaust fan for about 30 minutes to help prevent mold growth. This is especially beneficial after a bath or shower.

  1. 3. Dry Your Towels Before Storing Them

Wet towels should never just be thrown on the floor or in a hamper. The moisture they hold becomes a suitable habitat for mold. And when you pile wet towels in a location where they can’t properly dry, don’t be surprised when you notice traces of mold. To help protect your bathroom against mold, you’ll need to dry your towels properly before storing them.

Hang wet towels on your bathroom rack or shower rod for a few hours before placing them in the hamper. Be sure to have your bathroom’s door opened and, if possible, the exhaust fan running. This allows airflow to draw out moisture much easier. Once a towel feels dry to the touch, store it appropriately.

  1. 4. Resolve Bathroom Leaks Quickly

Moisture from a bath or shower isn’t the only cause of mold – water leaks are just as, if not more of, a cause. Leaking pipes, broken toilets, or clogged sinks can all lead to water damage, which then leads to mold growth. Therefore, if you notice a leak in your bathroom, contact a professional immediately.

Keep your bathroom protected from the destruction of mold! And if you have noticed mold growth in your bathroom, or water damage from a leak, contact RestoPros immediately. Call us at 855-587-3786 for affordable mold remediation and water damage restoration services for your Dallas/Ft. Worth home.


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