A large part of your life is spent on a mattress. After all, it is an object that is meant for both health and comfort. Unfortunately, mold does not care about either of those things, and will gladly invite itself to your bed. In Dallas/Fort Worth, rapidly changing weather conditions can heighten the chances of encountering mold, even in your mattress. Seeking and catching early signs of mold in your mattress is key to preventing further contamination. Your efforts to identify the signs can keep you healthy, save you money and ensure a good night’s sleep.

Below are 10 warning signs that your mattress may have mold.

  1. Your Mattress is Commonly in a Humid and Dark Environment
  • Mold requires a humid, dark habitat to survive and reproduce.
  • If your mattress is consistently in an environment like this, then mold may have formed in or around it.
  1. Water has Come into Contact with Your Mattress
  • Whether it be water from a flood or drops of your own sweat, your mattress will soak up the liquid.
  • Water and moisture in your mattress causes mold to grow, especially if the liquids have been lingering for a considerable amount of time.
  1. There is a Musty, Pungent Smell Coming from Your Mattress
  • Often times mold produces odors that have a musty, pungent scent.
  • If you can smell an unpleasant odor in or around your mattress, then mold has most likely formed.
  1. Random Stains are Forming on Your Mattress
  • Mold reproduces and spreads as much as it can, and your mattress is nothing but a canvas to the contamination.
  • If you are noticing stains suddenly appearing on your mattress with no plausible explanation, then it may be mold spreading around your bed.
  1. The Colors of your Mattress Stains are Multi-Colored
  • Mold can have different variations of colors, but most commonly will have variations of black, gray, and brown.
  • Although not as common, mold can also be white or yellow, and occasionally will have more unique colors such as blue, green, or pink.
  1. Your Mattress is Old
  • An aged mattress has gone through a lot, often having been in contact several different substances.
  • If your mattress is over ten years old, chances are that mold has formed, or is more prevalent to form.
  1. You’re Getting Sick More Frequently
  • If your mattress has mold, then laying on it for long periods of time can exacerbate sinus and respiratory allergies as well as cause cold and flu symptoms in those who have immune deficiencies.
  • If you notice yourself getting sick frequently, it could be from the mold in your mattress.
  1. You’re not Sleeping Properly
  • Sleeping with mold on a mattress can easily disrupt a proper resting schedule, causing uncomfortable sleep patterns throughout the night.
  • The potential reason you have not been sleeping well could be from mold growing in your mattress.
  1. Bugs are Attracted to Your Mattress Area
  • Bugs such as fruit flies and gnats are heavily attracted to mold.
  • If you’re noticing bugs around your mattress, then it may be mold drawing them to it.
  1. Mold is in Other Areas of the Room
  • Mold can spread through air, water, or vulnerable objects.
  • If mold has been persistent in the same room as your mattress, then most likely the mattress has been exposed to enough mold for contamination.

Do not let mold in your mattress go unnoticed. It can be detrimental to both your health and your entire household. Once you identify there is a problem, then it is time to act. If your mattress or any other part of your home has become contaminated with mold, consult with RestoPros immediately. We are a home restoration and remediation company with a strong focus on eliminating and repairing mold damage. Our team consists of fully licensed technicians with several years of experience in restoring all aspects of mold and water damage. We can accurately assess the problem and offer the best solution for your home. If you are in the need of our restoration services, or would like a free estimate, give us a call at 855-587-3786 to schedule an appointment.