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How to Avoid Water Damage in the Kitchen

by Resto Pros on July 20, 2018

There are two areas in a home which use the most water: the bathroom and kitchen. And since we’ve previously discussed preventing bathroom mold and moisture, we now want to help Dallas/Ft. Worth homeowners on preventing water damage in the kitchen. After all, kitchens are where we cook, clean, and eat, making water damage the […]

Treating Swimming Pool Mold and Algae

by Resto Pros on July 13, 2018

If your Dallas/Ft. Worth home has a swimming pool, it’s probably seen a fair amount of usage over the summer. After all, temperatures for the metroplex have been reaching the triple digits, so spending several days in your swimming pool is a common go-to solution for beating the heat. However, with this extra usage comes […]

4 Summer Mold Prevention Tips

by Resto Pros on July 6, 2018

During the summer, Dallas/Ft. Worth residents are usually more concerned about beating the heat than preventing mold. But it’s easy to forget that mold requires warmth, moisture, and shade to grow. And with summer weather bringing both heat and humidity, mold has a higher chance of infesting your home if you’re not practicing summer mold […]

Mold and Its Effects on Your Health

by Resto Pros on June 28, 2018

When mold is discovered in your home, a common first thought is “is it harmful?” After all, many media publications, blogs, and internet discussions have labeled mold as “toxic,” “deadly” and “poisonous.” So, it’s not far-fetched to believe that encountering or touching mold could be dangerous. However, the connection between mold and your health is […]

5 Things that Cause Paint to Peel

by Resto Pros on June 22, 2018

While paint is meant to protect your home from corrosion and warping wood, it’s not without its own vulnerabilities. Certain situations can cause paint to peel and fall off. And too much peeling paint can expose your foundation to damage, as well as ruining the overall look of your home. But what causes paint to […]

3 Ways to Test for Mold in Your Home

by Resto Pros on June 14, 2018

Not all stains are made equal. While some are just spilled food or water, others can actually be splotches of mold that have infested your home. Additionally, musky, pungent smells in your home can also be a sign of mold. While bad smells and unexplainable stains are both common signs of a mold problem, they’re […]

Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Give Him the Essential Mold Cleaning Kit

by Resto Pros on June 8, 2018

In need of some Father’s Day gift ideas? How about gifting dad with a mold cleaning kit! While the gift may seem a bit unusual at first, the benefits of a mold cleaning kit outweigh the stigma. When mold occurs in a home, it’s important to have some tools that can help get rid of […]

5 Common Mold Types in Homes

by Resto Pros on June 1, 2018

Ever wonder what types of mold can get into your home? With hundreds of thousands of mold types around, this question may seem negligible at first. But we’d like to focus on the ones that have a higher chance to grow in your home. While it’s important to treat all mold outbreaks the same, it […]

Mold and IAQ (Indoor Air Quality)

by Resto Pros on May 24, 2018

We all know mold can be damaging to our homes. But what happens if we inhale it? After all, mold is a type of fungus, and fungus can be full of bacteria and contaminants that would be dangerous to inhale. So, it’s not uncommon to wonder the possible effects of breathing in mold. However, to […]

4 Bathroom Mold Prevention Tips

by Resto Pros on May 18, 2018

Are you aware that mold can grow in your bathroom? With bathrooms being the place for moisture build-up and humid climates, they can fall victim to mold much easier than other areas of your home. And once mold begins to grow in your bathroom, it’s hard to remove it without the help of a professional. […]

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