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Fight the Mold With These Mold Prevention Products!

8 Best Mold Prevention Products for Your Home

by Resto Pros on February 22, 2018

Preventing mold growth in your home is more of a holistic endeavor and not something that can be achieved by simply cleaning an outbreak with paper towels and soap. Although you may seemingly wipe away the area to prevent initial mold growth, spores can still thrive and begin ravaging your home. Instead of using up […]

Mold Allergy Prevention: Protecting Your Home and Household

by Resto Pros on February 16, 2018

Feel like you’re sneezing more than usual? Coughing in the middle of the night? The cause may be more than the weather! If you are looking for one more reason to hate mold, you’ve come to the right place. Mold growth does more than damage your home – it can greatly compromise your health. What […]

5 Signs You Need New Carpet

by Resto Pros on February 9, 2018

You always want the best for your home, and sometimes that means replacing your old carpet. Regardless of how much you clean and maintain it, your carpet will eventually reach the end of its usefulness. However, with carpet, it isn’t always immediately evident when this has occurred. Sometimes an older carpet might not exhibit any […]

Don’t Let Water Damage Break Your Heart (This Valentine’s Day)

by Resto Pros on February 2, 2018

Water damage can be a serious problem for Dallas/Ft. Worth homeowners, and with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s last thing you want to see. Even though our winters are relatively mild, freezing temperatures are still an occurrence. Having your pipes freeze can cause them to crack and burst – and the occasional ice […]

What is Air Scrubbing?

by Resto Pros on January 26, 2018

Ever wonder how a RestoPros expert cleans mold? It’s not just wiping away floors with some vinegar and water. Professional mold remediation involves several different methods and high tech tools, and one of the most viable steps is the air scrubbing process. By air scrubbing, we don’t mean grabbing a sponge and flailing it in […]

Causes of Attic Mold

by Resto Pros on January 19, 2018

Mold never respects personal boundaries, as is the case when it enters your attic without your permission. Attic mold is an unwelcome problem that homeowners face, and the damage it can cause makes it a nuisance for any unsuspecting Dallas/Ft. Worth resident. Attic mold causes severe damage if left untreated, and can spread to other […]

Practical Tips After a Flood in Your Home

by Resto Pros on January 12, 2018

After a flood, the cost of repair coupled with the pressure put on a household can have devastating effects. Plumbing problems and roof leaks can both cause unexpected flooding in a home. The Dallas/Ft. Worth area (and Texas in general) is also prone to extremely heavy and severe rain, and chances of flood are higher […]

Fighting Winter Mold

by Resto Pros on January 4, 2018

With the cold weather in full force, winter is wreaking havoc lately in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Although the chilly season keeps households busy, don’t let mold prevention be forgotten. Winter means increased indoor condensation, increased humidity and cloudy days, all of which are ideal for mold growth. This means homeowners should be extra cautious […]

8 Facts About Bio and Trauma Cleanup

by Resto Pros on December 28, 2017

Bio and trauma cleanup is a bleak topic, but knowledge of the service is necessary. Dallas/Ft. Worth property owners should always have comprehensive guidance about the facts of bio and trauma clean-up, and we at RestoPros are here to provide this valuable information. As your trusted choice for bio and trauma clean-up, we know essential […]

5 Resolutions for a Mold-Free New Year

by RestoPros on December 22, 2017

We all like to start off fresh for the new year, and there’s no better way than setting some resolutions to accomplish personal goals. Setting a New Year’s resolution shouldn’t just be for yourself however – your home could always use some improvements as well. If you are one of the many Dallas/Ft. Worth homes […]

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